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"BioFitness always Works Right because the Science is already Built Right You Don't Have to Know It!"

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  "I have been using the (BioFitness Institute) Fitness Buddy workout planning software for ten months. The new max calculations that were predicted by the BioFitness Institute program proved to be so accurate and safe that during the last four months of the ten-month period I began to use the predicted max to plan the next four-week workout sessions, without re-testing the athlete"
Mike Shines Strength & Conditioning Coach
The College of Idaho formerly Albertson College
Three-time NAIA National Champion Baseball / Basketball and Skiing
  "I was amazed--and continue to be amazed--at how accurately the Fitness Buddy algorithms predict my body's workload and development. For the heavy workouts, the last repetition of the last set for each exercise always feels like the last repetition that I could safely and comfortably perform. I have seen definite and consistent results."
Dave Milligan
Biotechnology Patent Attorney
  "FB gives you the formula for successful case management. The workloads are predetermined and documented. Recording the performance of the client gives you objective evidence of improvement or stabilization."
John R. Parks BS, DC, CN, A.C.E.
Chiropractic Health and A Z Fitness Health Clubs
  "I honestly swear by this program. I have been lifting fairly regularly for the past 20 years and tried all sorts of programs. I have tried the Weider principles, split routines, pyramiding, high reps, low reps and other programs from various websites. While they all offered different varieties of workouts, nothing has provided the results I have achieved with the FB."
Scott Held
  "I have been using the BioFitness Institute to work with a client that has pancreatic cancer. When he contacted me his physician had asked him to strength train with hopes of alleviating the symptoms which plague most cancer patients during and after their treatments which often include radiation and chemotherapy. I first began to work with my client he weighed 126 lbs. At this time his body weight is 154. Before cancer he weighed about 185. Each bout with chemo became more disheartening, except for this last one when he realized that he was stronger this time and with a little luck the chemo would not beat up on him as usual."
Mike Shines
  "In the span of 10 months the program has managed my workouts in such a way that I have been injury free thus far and now have 1 lift maximums of between 2 and 2.5 times what I could do in the beginning. I don't want to sound cliché but your program has made me feel better, look better, and live better, and I'll be happy to sing your praises anytime and anywhere."
Kurt Spunk
  "I am writing to thank you for the Fitness Buddy. I am a NATA certified athletic trainer. I have only a year or so of experience in the learning and application of the finer points of strength and conditioning training but the Fitness Buddy has enabled me to develop individualized programs for three of our intercollegiate teams in far less time then it would have taken just to do the research."
Bob Duchardt C.A.T.
Cedarville College
  "..this was just what I was looking for and hoping to find"
Dave Hicks
  "I have been using your BioFitness Institute program for almost a year now with my Bowflex. I used the Bowflex for a month before I discovered the Fitness Buddy. The Fitness Buddy was a critical factor in my results, keeping me on track, setting realistic goals and helping me to achieve my results."
Jesse Sherwood
  "I felt compelled to write to you and say thank you for developing the BioFitness Institute. The feedback that the BioFitness Institute gives my clients and patients is a great motivator, the fact that I can give them predicted values of gains they will make over time really excites them as well."
Henry G. Purslow P.T. CFT
Farmingdale Physical Therapy Associates P.C.
  "I love the BioFitness Institute! I love the fact that the BioFitness Institute takes the guesswork out for me - such as when should I alternate a routine or change weight levels."
Jennifer Robinson
  "Thanks for a great product. I use it along with the Bowflex I purchased. Your software was one of the best decisions I made after purchasing my equipment. Here's what I appreciate about your product - it motivates me: I don't worry about what to do and how to use my Bowflex."
Phil Daley
  "As a former USSR Olympic Athlete in Modern Pentathlon, I have extensive educational record and work experience in the field of athletics and rehabilitation, and can tell, that finally here is a product which will help to plan programs for fitness workout to athletic training as well as for rehabilitation purposes."
Ilmar Vaika
President of Revela 2000 Inc.
  "In the Kudos department, I want to compliment you on an amazing software. I can feel the difference and for the first time in three years feel like I am working with the science instead of just the "testosterone" if you know what I mean."
Frank R. Grubbs
  "I want to thank you for introducing The Fitness Buddy program to me. After the first cycle I was able to achieve the projected new maximums on 90% (9 out of 10) of my exercises. This impresses me because I have been lifting for years and sometimes it takes months to increase my max weight on an exercise."
Michael Crum
  "There have been times when I went to the gym wondering if I would be able to do my complete workout, and there have been times when it was hard to get through it, but I have noticed that the BioFitness Institutey program seems to "know" exactly where my physical limits are, and is very good at getting me to them without going over them. I have also not had any muscle pulls or other injuries since I have been using BioFitness Institute."

Al Glover
  "I have been doing the program for 4 months"..."let me tell you in quantative terms: I have always had low bicep strength. When I tried to perform the bicep curl in the strength test, I could only do 2 reps at 20lbs, failing even the strength test. But I put the information into the program and now I'm doing a routine that has me doing 9 reps on the 4th set at 20lbs, which I can do! I credit the scientific approuch of the program to this improvement."
Thank you for your time.
Pam Sexton

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